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-More infos soon ! ;p+====== CarPlay iOS SB | Installing and using it without jailbreak ====== 
 +=== CarPlay iOS can be installed without Cydia and, from update 2.3, doesn'​t require a jailbreak or any tweaks to be used. Some features are unavailable due to the restrictions of iOS and Apple’s security measures. === 
 +====== Installation ====== 
 +To install CarPlay iOS SB, you just need to download an archive that contains the installer made by [[https://​twitter.com/​saurik|Saurik]] (developer of Cydia) and the CarPlay iOS SB application. 
 +The installation process is very easy: 
 +  * Connect your iDevice to your computer 
 +  * Unzip the archive 
 +  * Open Impactor, then drag and drop the app "​CarPlay iOS SB.ipa"​ 
 +  * Enter your Apple ID to sign the app, as if you were installing it from the App Store 
 +  * Just launch CarPlay iOS on your Springboard and you’re good! 
 +====== Functionalities & Update ====== 
 +**All the features** of CarPlay iOS are available in CarPlay iOS SB, except the below: 
 +^  Feature ​            ​^ ​ State           ​^ ​ Comment ​         ^ 
 +|@lightgrey: ​ **Phone app**  |@grey:|| 
 +|History of calls |Unavailable|@lightgrey:​ | 
 +|Voice mail |Unavailable|@lightgrey:​ | 
 +|@lightgrey: ​ **Message app**      |Unavailable| Replaced by a quick-compose window to write and read your messages| 
 +|@lightgrey: ​ **System** ​     |@grey: || 
 +|Lock the device automatically |Unavailable|@lightgrey:​ | 
 +|Fusion Mode |Unavailable|@lightgrey:​ | 
 +|Start & Stop |Partial|Switches for WiFi, Data and Bluetooth unavailable | 
 +CarPlay iOS SB doesn'​t include an over-the-air update. To update your installed version, you need to re-do the installation process (without deleting the installed versionit's just an update). 
 +====== Pricing ====== 
 +The price doesn'​t change! You can get all the prices on the official website: [[https://​carplayios.net/#​install|https://​carplayios.net]]. //There is no trial period with CarPlay iOS SB.// 
 +Note: CarPlay iOS SB is only compatible with the [[licenses|Infinity Licenses]] (also available in the [[driverpack|Driver Pack]]).
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