How to translate CarPlay iOS

You can translate CarPlay iOS in your language (or other) easily. You can translate a new language not translated or update an already translated language.

How to do ?

Each language have a text document available online (with Google Drive), restricted to the translators of the language. The translations are made from the English translation (of the French language)


If you translate a new language

You get one free license for your device (instead of 3$ for a license).

If you update or translate a new language

Your name will be listed in the Languages menu of CarPlay iOS (with an access to your Twitter account or website for the users).

Important : At each update, the translators will receive an email to update their languages. If you can't update, after 15 days, your free license will be deactivated from the server of activation and after 1 month, definitely removed.

OK let's go !

Send an email to the developper of CarPlay iOS with your language to receive your document to translate.

You need to read all this page and be OK with the indications before requesting the translation ;-)

Click here to send the email

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