CarPlay iOS SB | Installing and using it without jailbreak

CarPlay iOS can be installed without Cydia and, from update 2.3, doesn't require a jailbreak or any tweaks to be used. Some features are unavailable due to the restrictions of iOS and Apple’s security measures.


To install CarPlay iOS SB, you just need to download an archive that contains the installer made by Saurik (developer of Cydia) and the CarPlay iOS SB application.

The installation process is very easy:

  • Connect your iDevice to your computer
  • Unzip the archive
  • Open Impactor, then drag and drop the app “CarPlay iOS SB.ipa”
  • Enter your Apple ID to sign the app, as if you were installing it from the App Store
  • Just launch CarPlay iOS on your Springboard and you’re good!

Functionalities & Update

All the features of CarPlay iOS are available in CarPlay iOS SB, except the below:

Feature State Comment
Phone app
History of calls Unavailable
Voice mail Unavailable
Message app Unavailable Replaced by a quick-compose window to write and read your messages
Lock the device automatically Unavailable
Fusion Mode Unavailable
Start & Stop PartialSwitches for WiFi, Data and Bluetooth unavailable

CarPlay iOS SB doesn't include an over-the-air update. To update your installed version, you need to re-do the installation process (without deleting the installed version; it's just an update).


The price doesn't change! You can get all the prices on the official website: There is no trial period with CarPlay iOS SB.

Note: CarPlay iOS SB is only compatible with the Infinity Licenses (also available in the Driver Pack).

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