Princing and licenses

CarPlay iOS is a Paid Tweak with a Free Trial period of one week per iDevice. Their is 3 different prices :

You can purchase your licenses from the official website :

Activate your iDevice

After a purchase, you will receive an email of confirmation in some seconds from CarPlay iOS. In it you will have all the instructions you need to activate your tweak.

Validity of a license

A license of CarPlay iOS doesn't have any time of validity and can be used after different iOS update (ex 8.X to 9.X). Each license is valid for each device (with the unique App ID), it's impossible to transfer a license between to different devices. If you want to transfert a license between your iOS devices, you need to buy an Infinity License.


  1. If you change of iDevice (remplacement due to a repair by Apple, buying a new device or other…), you can't reuse the license of the “old” device.
  2. You can't use a license on the iPad and after some days or weeks of test, transfer the license on an iPhone.

Infinity License

From the update 2.0, CarPlay iOS can be activated with the Infinity License. This new license allow you to desactivate the actual activated device remotely and immediately activate a new device. Their is no restriction about the number of transfert, you can switch between iPad ⇔ iPhone ⇔ iPod Touch.


  • You can only do one transfert per week
  • The Infinity License can only work with the 2.X versions (incompatible with the 1.X versions and other major update like 3.X)
  • You can only transfert the Infinity Licenses with App ID activated by an Infinity License
  • It's only for personal usage
  • It's prohibited to resell an Infinity License

Resell license

It's totally forbidden to resell any license buyed or offered to activate and use CarPlay iOS. If you need to activate or sell some licenses for professional use, contact the developer to buy at special prices the licenses.

If a license don't respect this condition, it will be deactivated immediately without any refund and warning.

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