ßeta Testers Program

If you have a license of CarPlay iOS, you are eligible for the beta tester program to test and install the beta versions of the tweak.


Automatic and easy method :

  1. Connect you to ßeta Portal here with your PayPal mail address or Translator mail address : http://beta.carplayios.net/
  2. Registre your Application ID on the portal
  3. Kill CarPlay iOS from the apps switcher and re-open CarPlay iOS
  4. Than follow the ßeta menu for the new beta or update

Manually install a DEB file :

  1. Open the .deb file with iFile (you can install iFile app from Cydia : Free)
  2. Choose the Installer option in iFile
  3. If the return code is 0 in iFile, the installation of beta version is done

Return to the stable version

When you want, you can reinstall the last stable version on Cydia of CarPlay iOS.

Prices ?

There is no price, but a simple donation is requested of the amount of your choice (>0.99€) to support the current work. Click here to make a donation on PayPal.

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