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What is CarPlay iOS?

CarPlay iOS is the most advanced mobile application for the car driver. It come with a collection of re-designed apps and features for a usage when you are driving.

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Widgets in status bar

Select between 3 widgets to customize your road experience. Add the current weather, speed counter or the current battery percentage easily.

Launch all your App Store apps

You can select and add all your App Stores apps to the the main menu, and launch them in one touch.

Right Driver compatible

If you are on the right in your car, you can switch the status bar on the right space of the screen easily.

Add your background

You can add your best picture in background, or add the same color of your car, just for the style.

How to install & Prices

CarPlay iOS is very easy to install, you just need to search and install it from Cydia on the jailbroken iDevice.

1 License

  • Compatible with one device

  • Lifetime update for free

  • Compatible with all iOS versions

  • Activate one device without time limite

5/10 Licenses (1/3 free)

  • Compatible with five/ten devices

  • Lifetime update for free

  • Compatible with all iOS versions

  • Activate 5 devices without time limite

∞ Inifnity License

  • Unlimited number of devices

  • Lifetime update for all the vers. 2.X

  • Unlimited transfert of the license between your devices

  • Compatible with futur Sandbox Edition

Driver Pack

  • 1 ∞ Infinity License

  • Printed Wallet Card at your name

  • 1 Official Keychain & Sticker

  • Internationnal free shipping from France 🇫🇷